Terms, Conditions and Cancellation Policy

  1. Islands 4 You T.N., Lda. reserves the right to cancel the activity or any other service provided by the company, in case of force majeure unrelated to the company, such as (order from the authorities, adverse weather conditions, natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, cyclones, typhoons, strong winds, sea waves, etc.) and others that jeopardize the safety of passengers, staff and any infrastructure, equipment or assets related to the company;
  2. In the cases mentioned above, the refund to the customer will be total and without the right to any type of compensation or penalty;
  3. Any cancellation or change by the customer must be requested by phone, email or whatsapp, up to 24 hours in advance of the time and date of the activity, provided that the tickets have been purchased directly at our stations. for sale in Faro (Portas do Mar and Doca de Recreio) or through the website (www.islands4you.pt);
  4. Any and all communications or requests that imply the cancellation of the service made by the customer after the aforementioned period, will not give the right to any refund or change of date;
  5. Payments on the website (www.islands4you.pt) are made by credit or debit card. Any type of banking anomaly, typing error or online system failure of external platforms is not the responsibility of Islands 4 You T.N., Lda;
  6. When any activity is acquired through third parties, the customer must make the request for cancellation or change with the entity from whom it has acquired, being certain that Islands 4 You T.N., Lda. is not responsible for lost refunds, changes or any communication failure for technical reasons that occur between end customers and intermediaries, being the sole and exclusive responsibility of the partners and governed by their own terms, conditions and policies;
  7. All prices of activities and services advertised and invoices issued by Islands 4 You T.N., Lda., already include VAT at the legal rate in force in mainland Portugal;
  8. If the customer wishes to include the tax identification number (NIF) or identification number of legal persons (NIPC) please request it at the time of purchase at our points of sale in Faro (Portas do Mar and Doca de Recreio) or, if it is through the website (www.islands4you.pt) request by email ([email protected]);
  9. The company reserves the right to retain contacts and personal data for internal use and to contact customers through the means provided by them for any clarifications and boarding information, after-sales service, obtaining feedbacks and others whenever necessary, the customer may request, in writing, that their personal data be deleted;
  10. In case of non-attendance of the client at the scheduled time of start of the activity, there will be no right to refund or change of date;
  11. For all activities, it is mandatory to arrive at the check-in or boarding location at the scheduled time of departure, although there is a maximum tolerance of ten minutes;
  12. After the grace period has expired, there will be no refunds;
  13. For reasons of force majeure and unrelated to the company, there may be a delay in the start of activities. If this delay exceeds 20 minutes, and if the client decides not to carry out the activity, he will be entitled to a refund, if requested.;
  14. From the moment the customer boards, safety instructions will be provided by verbal communication, and, if there is any doubt, the customer has the right to ask questions until they feel completely clarified;
  15. All passengers are obliged to comply with the safety rules and regulations imposed by the person in charge of navigation. The customer who does not want to accept such norms or rules will be excluded from the activity, without the right to any refund or compensation;
  16. The transport of pets is allowed according to the legislation in force, provided that it is carried out in an appropriate box that protects the other passengers and crew. Exception made only for guide dogs that can be transported with muzzle only;
  17. It is forbidden to smoke any type of cigarette and the like on the boat;
  18. When the activity starts and if there is any episode of disobedience, attempted physical or verbal aggression, acts of racism or xenophobia and any other act that disrespects customers and crew, they will be reported to the relevant authorities. If there is no communication or possibility of action by the authorities at the time, the perpetrators will be expelled from the boat at the pier closest to the place where this happened, without the right to return on the same boat and without reimbursement or compensation;
  19. The company is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft of goods and the like on its boat and outside of them during the activity hours;
  20. In relation to any moral or physical damage caused between customers, the company will be oblivious to the facts, providing, however, all the means at its disposal and testifying, if necessary, in testimony to the authorities;
  21. In any activity that has a stop with free time to visit a place, the time and meeting point to return to the boat will be indicated by the crew. If the client does not respect the timetable, he will run the risk of being excluded from the activity, without the right to reimbursement or compensation;
  22. In the event of an accident during the tour, on the vessel, Islands 4 You T.N., Lda., and customers are insured by civil liability and personal accident insurance required by Portuguese law to carry out their activities. The company is registered and licensed by Turismo de Portugal with RNAAT 790/2015. In the event of any accident or inconvenience with the customer traveling outside its vessels, Islands 4 You T.N., Lda. is not responsible and there will be no refund or right to any kind of compensation. The responsibility outside the vessels during the activity is entirely the customer’s responsibility, and he/she has the right to remain on the vessel during the activity period, if he/she so wishes;
  23. The company follows safety rules and guidelines according to European community legislation;
  24. The company supplies, for use during the activity, certified and inspected life jackets to all people on board, and their use is mandatory whenever they are in navigation. Its non-use incurs fines by the competent authorities, which are the responsibility of the customer;
  25. The shooting of the life jackets for some act of negligence or curiosity has a cost of 90€ that will be charged to the customer;
  26. There are no age restrictions on activities and services provided by the company. People under 16 must always be accompanied by an adult. Only children between 0 and 8 years old have a discount on activities;
  27. The company is licensed to carry out nature tourism activities and has environmental responsibility in the preservation of habitats and ecosystems inside and outside the Ria Formosa. If there is any episode of disrespect for the surrounding environment by any customer who is on board or outside our vessels, the competent authorities will be contacted, with no right to reimbursement, in case of delay in their return or detention;
  28. Islands 4 You TN, Lda., reserves the right not to accept, cancel or exclude any person to carry out or continue the activities whenever they do not present physical or psychological conditions or whenever they are in a state of intoxication or are notoriously dependent. of narcotic substances;
  29. The company reserves the right to ask customers, before the activity, for proof of payment or ticket regarding the activity in question;
  30. The customer is obliged to keep and keep his ticket or any document proving the purchase of the activity, in good condition, until the end of the activity. If the document is lost, the company is not responsible;
  31. During some activities, there may be image or video captures for promotion or disclosure of the company. It will be understood that the client allows such capture of videos or photos in which his image is included, provided that he has not informed the company, before the start of the activity, via email ([email protected]);
  32. All omissions in the above terms and conditions will have to be discussed directly with the company and will be governed by the laws of the Republic of Portugal;

Alternative Dispute Resolution Entities (ADR)
Consumer Dispute Arbitration Center – Faro (CIMAAL)
Address: Ninho de Empresas, Edif. ANJE – Estrada da Penha, 3º, Sala 26, 8000 Faro
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 289 823 135

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